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Small to Large Business
Small to Large Business Destruction and Shredding Services

Whether your company is regional, national or global, NDDUSA, Inc. can make your information security program simple. NDDUSA can help you fully integrate
Our Services:

• Hard drive shredding
• Hard drive erasure
• Hard drive degaussing
• Tape shredding
• CD destruction
• Media destruction
• Tape degaussing
• Data shredding
• Computer destruction
• Hard drive disposal
a commercial data destruction program across your entire organization.

NDDUSA provides commercial data destruction solutions to medium to large businesses in virtually every sector. Our satisfied clients include many professional firms, car leasing companies, retailers, insurance companies, oil and gas companies. Their needs range from local data destruction solutions to global solutions for their various offices around the world.

A NDDUSA data destruction solution provides customized services suited precisely to your needs; delivered wherever your head office and/or branches are located. So you can focus on your core business, knowing that your most valuable asset – your information – is protected.

Your NDDUSA personal account team works with you to develop a customized data destruction program that addresses the needs of your entire organization and its individual branches.

Benefits of a NDDUSA paper shredding solution:

Centralized support – easy access to your dedicated accounts team via a toll-free number
Consolidated billing – the convenience of being billed by region or by country, depending on what works best
Cost savings – our data destruction solutions save you money, space and time
Service planning– your dedicated team designs a service plan specifically to fit the needs of your company
Management reporting – relevant management information and analysis tools that provide data for budgetary control and let you analyze costs by location, department or console level

With NDDUSA, you can protect your business and your clients by securely destroying all sensitive or confidential data, without taking time away from your business.

We destroy. We dispose. We recycle. It's that easy.

NDDUSA representatives arrive and remove the materials. NDDUSA has specially modified Shred-Tech MDS-75GTs to completely destroy hard drives, data devices and other products with astonishing efficiency. We guarantee the best security and uncompromised compliance.

Upon request, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction to authenticate the destruction of your products.

NDDUSA National Data Destruction