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Government Destruction and Shredding Services

Government document shredding protects your client's information and their best interests.

All government branches are faced with information and data protection needs that are convoluted and time delicate. Budgets demand cost-effective solutions, but security of information is principal and will never be compromised with NDDUSA, Inc.
Our Services:

• Hard drive shredding
• Hard drive erasure
• Hard drive degaussing
• Tape shredding
• CD destruction
• Media destruction
• Tape degaussing
• Data shredding
• Computer destruction
• Hard drive disposal

As for the choice concerning government data destruction, it's essential that you have absolute confidence in the data destruction company that you hire.

We at NDDUSA are dedicated to providing superior government data destruction solutions you can trust and rely on. A NDDUSA government document destruction solution guarantees environmental responsibility, innovative proprietary technology, and confidential, total security.

NDDUSA's government data destruction resolutions:

• Conform to local legislation
• Protect information
• Prevent identity theft and security breaches

• Increase security and efficiency
• Environmentally conscience

NDDUSA National Data Destruction