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Medical Records Shredding and Data Destruction

Medical record confidentiality has been a long-standing obligation. Now thanks to government regulations such as HIPAA, securely destroying medical records is a legal requirement. Virtually every person who has access to individually identifiable health information including doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, managed care companies, insurers and healthcare clearing houses must comply with regulated legislation, including the following:
Our Services:

• Hard drive shredding
• Hard drive erasure
• Hard drive degaussing
• Tape shredding
• CD destruction
• Media destruction
• Tape degaussing
• Data shredding
• Computer destruction
• Hard drive disposal

Benefits of NDD Medical Records Destruction services:

-Comply with legislation
-Safeguard your patients' privacy
-Prevent identity theft and security breaches
-Limit access of non-essential employees to personal information
-Lowered costs and space savings
-Increase patient care


• Federal Trade Commission Act

• Electronic Espionage Act
• USA Patriot Act
• US Safe Harbor Act

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