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Identity Theft, Security, Compliance, Save Time and Money!

With identity theft at an all-time high, NDDUSA destroys all material including serial numbers to be compliant with all state and federal regulations. Any private or public company that maintains personal consumer information or utilizes consumer reports, payroll, financial statements, or health records is now legally obligated to shred their confidential data. At NDDUSA, our number one priority is the secure destruction of your confidential documents and the protection of your business.

Why Shred?

To Protect against Identity Theft
To Abide by Laws, requiring shredding and data destruction
To Protect your patients and clients privacy
To Protect your company and shareholders by safeguarding proprietary trade information

Certified Destruction

All serial numbers of processed and destroyed items are recorded by NDDUSA proprietary data collection software and handhelds for audit and accountability purposes. An inventory list is then provided to each client, along with a Certificate of Destruction, notarized and signed by a NDDUSA officer. This Certificate is a nationally recognized legal document of performance.

NDDUSA National Data Destruction